Kevin Holcomb was a Foreman of The Texas Cowboys in the mid-1960's. The award which bears his name is given at the end of each semester to the New Man who has exhibited the highest level of hard work and dedication to the organization.

Spring 2001
Gerardo Interiano

Fall 2001
Matt Mackowiak

Spring 2002
John Adolph

Spring 2003
Eric Steenken

Fall 2003
Drew Jackson

Spring 2004
Brian Gamsey

Fall 2004
Wes Carpenter

Spring 2005
Mike Ostrow

Fall 2005
Matt Stolhandske

Spring 2006
Jared Dubin

Fall 2006
Richard Rhodes

Spring 2007
Keshav Rajagopalan

Fall 2007
Preston Powell

Spring 2008
Grant Hawkins

Fall 2008
Troy Marcus

Spring 2009
Shane Grodin

Fall 2009
Paul Thompson

Spring 2010
Austin Shires

Fall 2010
Bennet Aaron

Spring 2011
Robbie Canon

Fall 2011
Sivakumar Sudhakaran

Spring 2012
Michael Schwarz

Fall 2012
Mark Fischgrund

Spring 2013
Tom Rhea

Fall 2013
Adam Orlansky

Spring 2014
Jaan Bains

Fall 2014
Louis Andres

Spring 2015
Craig Schecter

Fall 2015
Robert Brooks

Spring 2016
Jack Miller

Fall 2016
Jonathan Roberts

Spring 2017
Sam Sandhu

Fall 2017
Logan Crow

Spring 2018
John Detamore

Fall 2019
Grayson Pennington